Can You Stand?

As the seals open and the world prepares for Christ’s return, “Can You Stand?” when the time comes?


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    Peggy Brooks says:

    Audio problem and the sermon is only 1min. and 24 sec. Waiting for handout # 7. Have a blessed Sabbath and thanks for all you do . I have really enjoyed the sermons.

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    anna michel says:

    hello is it possible i can have the handouts of the revelation? Mr. Wright thank you for teaching me how to be a loving person it`s not very easy but i`m working on it . I look forward to listening to you pastors each Sabbath thank you HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON

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    Colin Pryce says:

    Beautiful sermon

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    Mildred Sherron says:

    Just hearing this wonderful sermon today. Vintage Henry Monroe Wright. May he continue to be blessed by the eternal God of love. It is my prayer that God will see in me that self-sacrificing tendency to love. Thank you, Pastor Wright, thank you.

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    Marissa says:

    Hello! I would like to receive the additional handout for the series. Thank you!

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