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This blog is reserved for our pastorship. You will read post here from our Pastor(s) Henry Wright, Fred Warfield, Jeff Taylor, and Osei Daniels. You may also read post from some of our elders and other pastors here at Takoma Park Church.

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  1. Dear Pastors
    I praise God that He guided me to your church’s website. I know that this wasn’t by chance. I think it’s a marvelous thing that your church is doing with the theme of Christian service. I’ve been stirred within myself by the sermons that I’ve listened to this week. I say that this isn’t a coincidence because after hearing these sermons and after they have aroused my desire to do more in service at my church my pastor called me and asked me to be on a newly formed committee that will be discussing the direction we want to see the church move in. I will definitely be promoting the theme of Christian service to this committee. I look forward to continuing to follow your progress as well. Please keep us at the Manteca SDA Church in Manteca, CA in your prayers. God bless.

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