Too Much Mud

Let us remember that it is hard for us to see the wrong that we do when we have “Too Much Mud” in our eyes.


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    Katherine says:

    I would like a complete 52 outlines to make a bindre. I am not able to download them. I will return any cost if you will send them to me. Thank you.

    May God bless all

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    Edwards says:

    I am living in Taiwan and I am a frequent listener to your service. I too would like to receive your hand out for all your Revelation topics. I wish I could see your service.. When you were with Community Praise I could see and tune in. But the quality of your streaming and the sound system quality is poor. I am still trying to hear and understand. I share your website with others… Keep preaching, teaching and sharing the gospel. Thank you. God bless and blessings to you

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    Lamonte & Debra Spencer says:

    We need a handout. Please a handout to the above email address, please.

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      Curtis Johnson says:

      I would like to receive all available handouts on current Revelation series. 1-5

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    Olive Sterling says:

    Please send me handouts 2&3
    Thank you

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    Annie Figuero says:

    Please send all handouts. Wonderful stuff. Thanks for sharing. I will do the same.

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    Josh cunningham says:

    Are you done with audio versions of the sermons now. I love listening to the messages from Australia but unfortunately I have limitations on data usage and the video versions of these sermons makes it prohibitive for me. I’ll not be able to continue being blessed by your ministry in the future unless you can include an option for just audio on your website.

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    Mildred Sherron says:

    Greatly appreciate receiving the handout for this Sabbath, January 30, 2016. Is there any particular day in the week we are to expect the handouts? Thank you.

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    Judy Hankins says:

    I just came across your Revelation series and my husband and I cannot stop listening. Would you please send us handouts from one through February? And can you keep me on your mailing list so we can have weekly handouts. A notebook would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you and Hod bless you.

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    David Wilburn says:

    Would you please send me all handouts from number one through February? Please keep me on your mailing list so we can have weekly handouts. I greatly appreciate your you tube sermons and pastor wrights ministry Thank you and God bless you.

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    Alex CORVO says:

    Thk God for your ministry
    ca I get your handhout on Revelations please?

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    Tshepi Seroka says:

    Thank you for the wonderful message. Can I please get a copy of all the handouts on the revelation series.

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