The Book Of Revelation

Let us prepare our hearts and spirits and minds as Christ reveals Himself through “The Book Of Revelation.”


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    LMT says:

    I am requesting the handout Pastor Wright stated that online viewer may request.


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      Theora jamison says:

      I am requesting materials from pastor wright’s sermons on revelation at the Tacoma park Ada church. The message is powerful and I anxiously await each week.
      Yours in Christ,
      Theora Jamison

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      M. L. Burnside says:

      Since there are so many requests for materials to be sent, would it be prudent to post the materials so that we may all have access? We await your response, Takoma Park.

      For those of us who are requesting, have we made an offering toward any expenses that may be incurred? (Just a thought)

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    Kurt Brown says:

    Please send all of the materials for the series on Revelation.

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    Ms Kathy Royal-Parker says:

    I’m so glad TPSDA is online. Pastor Wright was on fire this morning ?. Teach pastor ?? we as members are fortunate to have you

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    Abura Kathiany says:

    Happy New year, I would also love to receive the hand outs on the book of Revelation. Soft copies can be sent through my email.

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    Pheobe says:

    Can you please pray for Michaela she is fighting a cold

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    Annette Dickens says:

    I have needs to have handout for the book of Revelations…..thank you in avance….preach “The Word Henry”!

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      Annette Dickens says:

      I have needs to have handouts for this series…..thanks in advance…..”preach the word Henry!”

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    Rebecca Matlhabe says:

    I am listening to the sermon,I will be following the study on line kindly please forward the notes for this week sermon.

    Thank you and God bless.

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    Nelson Boon says:

    I am thankful for your ministry. Please send me all the material on Revelation. Thank you.

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    Donna Harris says:

    Please send the handouts to me also. Thank you in advance.

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    Anton says:

    Can you please send me a copy of the handouts. Also if you could forward the handouts from Pastor Wright’s Partnering Series.

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    Renee Wagner says:

    How can I get a copy of the notebook for the study of Revelation. I am willing to pay for the materials so I can study along. Please send me the information. Thank you.

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    Kenneth M. says:

    I am requesting the handout Pastor Wright stated that online viewer may request.

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    Mikhail - TP A/V Tech says:

    Happy New Year All!
    To everyone who requested the document from “The Book of Revelation” sermon on Saturday you should have them in your inbox by tomorrow. It is our prayer that you will continue to join us as we trek through Revelation.

    Be blessed!

    – Your friends of TP A/V & Technology

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      m wilkinson says:

      I am requesting the handouts of the Revelation series. Thank you so much.

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    Peggy Brooks says:

    Please send me the handout /information from Jan. 2 Book of Revelation sermon.

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    Nichick says:

    Please send the handout for the Revelation series

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    Marcus Williams says:

    Hello. Is there any way that you can send me the sermon notes from January 2? Thank you!

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    Delores Standifer says:

    I am requesting the handouts for the Revelation Series. Thank you and Blessings!

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    Jennifer White says:

    Dear Pastor Wright, I’m so glad to hear that your focus this year is on Revelation as i’ve just finished studying this book and still have so many questions. I would appreciate if you could share the handouts/notes with me so that i may study here in England, UK.
    Many thanks

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    Roslynne Thompson says:

    Please send me the handouts for the Revelation series. Thank you so very much. Pastor Wright continues to be my favourite teacher of the Word.

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    Renee says:

    How exciting. I am most interested in receiving the materials used in this sermon. Thank you.

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    Kimberly Coats says:

    Please email us the handouts for these Revelation sermons. Thanks!

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    Peggy Brooks says:

    Thank you so much for the handouts. I’m looking forward to today sermon. Where can I purchase the notebook?

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    Dionne Tucker says:

    If possible, please email to me handouts for the Revelation Series. Thanks

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    Mildred Sherron says:

    I am absolutely thrilled with Revelation Series so far. Please send me the handouts for this series. I live in Dayton, Ohio, and I am so excited about this series. Praise the Lord that He touched Henry those many years ago. What a preacher. One thing for sure, if he stands to speak, you will hear a word from the Lord, a message that will resound in your heart for many days. Thank you, Jesus, for touching Henry Monroe Wright.

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    Jay Matthews says:

    Requesting handouts please. Two copies. My mom needs one also.

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    Landi says:

    Please forward the handout/materials for this series.Thanks so much.

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    Errand Ong says:

    Hello, can I request for the handouts in this series of The Book of Revelation by Ptr. Henry Wright. Thank you in advance. May God continue to bless Ptr. Wright and all of the staff in TP.

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    M Harris says:

    I am requesting the handouts on the teaching of Revelation. Thank you for allowing GOD to use you Pastor Wright in such a mighty way.

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    BAN says:

    Please send the materials for the Revelation Sermons to my email address please.

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    BettySue Netzel says:

    Please send me the handouts Pastor Wright mentioned on his Revelation sermons.
    Thank you.

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    James fields says:

    Please send me copy of the the hand outs of the revelation series with Henry Wright.

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    Karen says:

    It’s truly a blessing to listen to the sermons in the United Kingdom. Thanking God that he has truly used you to enlighten us. Remembering you in prayer.

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    Andrea Beckford says:

    We have been following the Revelation sermons by Pastor Wright from the beginning of January. Please send us the handouts and any other materials. Thank you!

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    Roxan Bennett says:

    Good afternoon. Can you please send me a copy of the handouts to go along with the revelation sermons? Thank you!

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    Marissa D. says:

    Hello! I would like to receive a copy of the handouts. Thank you!

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    Melanie Mulele says:

    Powerful message.I’m excited about this series and the truths he shall reveal.Please send us the handouts and any other materials

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    Joyce Andrews says:

    Please send me the handouts on Revelation 1-7 Thank YOu

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    Kenneth Meadows says:

    Please send me the handouts and materials on the Book of Revelation series/sermons.

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    Tshepi says:


    Could I please get the handouts for the revelation series.

    Thank you

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    Patricia Akinyombo says:

    Please send all information handouts etc from the beginning of 2016 to present and if the future handouts are available please send those also.
    God is really using Pastor Wright in this end time.

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      Mikhail says:

      Greetings Patricia,

      If you follow this link here: and fill out the form you will be sent all of the Revelation documents from 2016. We hope that these sermons have been as much of blessing to you as they have to the rest of us here at TPC.

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