Jesus Loves The Church, Part II

As we dig deeper into the book of Revelation, let us see even more reasons why “Jesus Loves The Church.”


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    Edwards says:

    What happened to Jesus Loves The Church, Part II sermon? As of to date I have yet to receive the Revelation Seminar’s print/hand out online. I would like to know how can I download them please.

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    Dipita says:

    the sermon is only 1min

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    Peggy Brooks says:

    The sermon was 1min. and 38sec. Have a blessed day.

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    Alex CORVO says:

    Why no more videoprojection?

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    Dipita says:

    I want to be ready. Pray God for me to help be faithful, christian and stand for Him

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    Ulanda Alexander says:

    Great morning
    I cannot see to find Jesus Loves the Church, Part I

    Kindly advise
    Thank you

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