Come Out Of The Kitchen

When we get so immersed in our service, sometimes we have to “Come Out Of The Kitchen.”


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    Gina Jenkins says:

    Listened to a sermon that tweaked my interest to hear more.

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    June says:

    Having been brought up and baptised in a Pentecostel denomination my life was spent in fear of God’s wrath, a revengeful and strict God lacking in compassion. I never felt comfortable or worthy of his presence. I did not know how to have a relationship with him. Though amidst all my strive I always knew that Jesus was and is with me…Then came the man Henry Wright! Glory be to God for he showed me through his powerful preaching that my God is a loving God and came for people like myself. Pastor’s sermons have opened the door to my salvation I have now found the love of my life my Jesus. I am black Born in England, although now live in France since 15 years. So I do not have a place to congregate, apart from the Internet, I would like to become a member of your church and would like to know more about the Seventh-day Adventists Church. I do not have face book as I am not into broadcasting myself on the Internet. Though I know that with God all is possible

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      Ephraim says:

      June, please go to this website to find out about the Church nearest to you in France.
      May the LORD continue to direct to Himself as your Savior and Redeemer.

      Have a great day in the LORD.

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    Tennyson Wright says:

    Lovely sermon, Pastor Wright always deliver a good sermon and today was no exception. He makes makes understanding the word of God much clearer.

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