Be Not Conformed

As the outside world seeks to change us inside, Christ tells us to “Be Not Conformed” by the pressure.


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    Khadene Taffe says:

    Truly a spirit-filled worship experience. I thank God for that timely and powerful message that Pastor Wright taught about. Great job Women’s Ministry for coordinating the worship-service. May God continue to bless TPC!

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    Alex CORVO says:

    Thank you pastor Wright. Looking forward to inviting you in French Guiana to preach for my SDA church. Keep preaching the truth. God bless you

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    Alex CORVO says:

    Thx for the large view at the end camera man 😉

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    Gwyneth Granger says:

    God bless Pastor Wrightas he continues to preach these powerful truths from the Bible. I love listening to his sermons they sure powerful, inspiring and God breathed.

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