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T.D. Jakes Sr. has described The Hole in Our Gospel as “a clarion call for the church to arise and answer the question, Who is my neighbor?…. If you read this book, you will be inspired, but if you do what this book is asking, you will be forever changed.”

Like the prophets’ message we studied in Sabbath School this past summer, this book brings a message from God about those in need around the world: “Church, where art thou?”  Watch this short video from the author.

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    Odell says:

    Hello I’m a 2nd generation SDA and I’m just curious as why we would even consider reading let alone have anything to do with what TD Jakes writes when we have our own precious truths to read and study.do we really need any perspective on /or from anything coming out of Babylon..once we start dabbling into the books of these 1st day pastors oftentimes what happens is we’ll start to compromise the truths we’ve been taught and learned I think it’s injurious and a detriment to what we already except as The Present Truth..are we that curious about what he or any other author coming from Babylon has to say.. the Bible says can two walk lest they agree..we already have the most prolific writings ever..The Great Controversy,Desire Of Ages,etc I personally think it’s not wise to even bring any of their books or writing into our mist..I bet their not reading or passing out any of our books or literature as apart of a bookclub..we should never for one minute bring any untruth in the camp..the devil will use this and start to whisper in the ears of the Ppl to convince them that what he is saying is true which will be a total contradiction from what we know to be Truth! so my Dear Brethren please really Pray before proceeding with suggesting this reading or promoting this bor anything else that could lead folk in another direction or have their minds changed.a new believer could easily become confused. Question is would God approve of this.. their is already enough. Apostasy in the churches need we add more..God Bless

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