Living With Hope Quiz #1

During the “Living with Hope” Series, we will look at the hope offered in the bible to help us navigate the uncertain times we are living. Uncertainty is a difficult thing to bear. We want to know where the provision is going to come from or if we’re going to die of this disease or how this child is going to turn out or if our job will still be there next month. While there is no “crystal ball” to give us those answers, the one thing that we know is that there are simply going to be times when we don’t know from where the provision is going to come. Circumstances will look precarious, sometimes foreboding and threatening. Plans are going to fall through. People are going to disappoint us. They may reject or misunderstand our mission. If these things happened to Jesus, we should not be surprised when they happen to us. And we are not to become angry when they do. God does not want us to be governed by fear at such times. He wants us guided by faith. The reason is that the uncertainty is only apparent uncertainty. Our future and our provision and our ultimate triumph are certain to God. He has all the foreknowledge, power, resources, and desire to help us through the muddy waters of this life.

You are invited to join us starting April 8th at 7 PM as we start the Series!

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