Marriage Has A Problem, Part 2


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    Anita Hughes says

    Could you please send me the list of temperaments that was passed out in church on Sabbath. I live in Atlanta area and listen to your sermons online. The sermons have been a blessing.

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      Mikhail says

      It’s so wonderful to hear that the sermons have been such a blessing to you! We actually posted links to the handout that was used during church as well as the two images that Pastor Wright referenced several times during his sermon.

      It is my prayer that you will continue to be blessed, friend!

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      Timur says

      You can download it,that’s right above the comments under ”Sermon Handout”

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    Bwebb says

    Are there more than 2 parts to the Marriage Has a Problem Series?

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    sally says

    Thank you Pastor for this wonderful bit of information to discover about myself and together with my husband. It will allow each of us to get to understand why we think or behave the way we do. I also made copies for my church friend and her husband.

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