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    3 Reasons To Be Part Of A Community

    3 Reasons To Be Part Of A Community We had an AWESOME Potluck/Game Night this past Sabbath into Saturday night (That storm was intense!) and really enjoyed everyone coming out!  God had recently been burdening my heart with the idea of Community and the importance of it in relation to

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    Our 2015 Mental Health Week Follow up and Photo Gallery!

    A long time coming but wanted everyone to check out a few pics from our 1ST ANNUAL MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK! Special Thanks to our AMAZING presenters from this week! Mario Broussard – Stress ( Jon Thomas – Anger Management ( Esther Saggurthi – Self Esteem (; (301) 891-5896 x5600)

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    5 Reasons to come check out TP’s Mental Health Awareness Week

    Happy Memorial Day, All! In case you didn’t know, In 2013, President Obama proclaimed May as National Mental Health Awareness Month and brought the issue of mental health to the forefront of our nation’s thoughts.  As we bring this Mental Health Awareness Month, below are reasons we’d love for you